Frozen Shoulder Program

Our team at Movement Sports Medicine + Physiotherapy has developed a comprehensive, evidence-based rehabilitation program for patients with frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), as we know how difficult it can be to manage this condition.

What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a very painful and limiting shoulder condition where the capsule of the joint stiffens up, leading to an increase of pain and decrease of mobility and overall function. Current evidence suggests that pain management options, such as capsular dilation procedures or cortisone injections, in combination with physiotherapy exercises can better help individuals rehabilitate this difficult condition.

What does the outline of the program look like?

  1. The program is 10 weeks total in length. It begins with an initial consultation with our Physiatrist, Dr. Kameron Bazmi, during which interventional procedures such as cortisone injections or capsular dilation procedures are to be discussed and administered.
  2. The patient will then begin an 8 week individualized physiotherapy program to restore mobility to the area.
    • Visits will be more frequent in the first 2 weeks to allow for close monitoring of the patient's progress.
    • Treatment will consist of manual therapy and joint mobilization to restore range of motion and soft tissue function. A targeted strength program will also be used in order to retrain strength and reduce symptoms.
  3. At week 8 of the program, patients will follow-up with the doctor to evaluate their progress which will determine whether a subsequent procedure is recommended or suggest other options depending on patient progress.

When will the program start?

October 1st, 2023 is when the program will be launching but referrals are being accepted before then.

How much does the program cost?

While our standard physiotherapy sessions are priced at $93 per session, we are excited to offer them at a reduced rate of $85 per session for the first 10 visits. This is a total of $850 for the program, which results in $130 savings. Assessments will be their regular price and any PT following the program will be the regular price of $93.

Why participate in this program?

The program combines medical intervention alongside manual therapy and exercise therapy. It is the most current evidence out there that supports the treatment of this condition!

Will the doctor's appointments be covered by OHIP?

The initial appointment is covered by OHIP but any medication used in injections is not covered. The injection usually amounts to no more than $40.

Will the physiotherapy program be covered by my extended health benefits?

Yes! Because you are being followed by a registered physiotherapist, the Frozen Shoulder Program is covered by health insurance under physiotherapy services.

How to Book or Learn More?

Contact our front desk team by email ( or phone (905) 882-3070 to learn more about this program and availability.